Corden Pharma

Innovation and Skills that Make a Difference

"Rooted in a 60 year history of innovation in the field of complex chemistry, Corden Pharma Colorado is a recognized global leader in the development and production of"

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Jean Lund
President and CEO

Corden Pharma Colorado one of several Corden Pharma plants located across Europe and the US, plays an important role in the platform of pharmaceutical research, development and manufacturing facilities of our parent company, Corden Pharma.

Corden Pharma Colorado's chemists and engineers are widely recognized for their history of innovation, having developed highly efficient manufacturing processes for some of the world's most complex pharmaceutical compounds. Corden Pharma Colorado also is a highly accomplished manufacturing facility, with the flexibility to handle sophisticated manufacturing techniques while readily adapting to the ever changing market demand for new products.

Ultimately, the medicines Corden Pharma Colorado has a hand in producing find their way to patients around the globe, helping them survive and enjoy more comfortable lives. In this way, we are proud to share in the tradition of innovation and skills that have made Corden Pharma, Switzerland one of the most respected health care companies in the world.

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