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An Economic Asset for Colorado

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As a premier pharmaceutical research, development and manufacturing facility, Corden Pharma Colorado is a valuable economic asset for the State of Colorado. The cumulative economic impact from Corden Pharma Colorado in 2005 was over $61.7 million. Everyone, from Corden Pharma Colorado employees and contractors to state and local governments, share in the economic benefits of our presence here in Colorado.

Corden Pharma Colorado Workforce Expenditures

Workforce Education

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Corden Pharma Colorado presently employs a workforce of over 371 men and women. It also is a highly educated workforce, with 41 percent college graduates and 12 percent having attained doctoral degrees.

In order to attract and retain the highest quality professionals, Corden Pharma Colorado provides each of its employees with a generous compensation and benefits package. The average annual salary for a Corden Pharma Colorado employee is $66,806. This ranges from an average salary of $64,000 for our manufacturing personnel to $91,000 for our chemists.

Workforce Wages

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In total, the 2005 workforce payroll for Corden Pharma Colorado was $28.1 million. Corden Pharma Colorado also paid $10.4 million in employee benefits, including comprehensive health care coverage and retirement programs.

In addition to our internal workforce expenses, Corden Pharma Colorado had a budget of $3.1 million in 2005 for contract service expenses.

Corden Pharma Colorado Capital Investments

The high technology research and manufacturing work Corden Pharma Colorado performs demands that we continually invest in sophisticated equipment and facilities. This includes significant capital investments that enable us to produce the world's most complex pharmaceutical compounds.

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In all, Corden Pharma Colorado's 2005 capital investment budget was $9.6 million. This included equipment purchases as well as third-party engineering and construction expenses. Over the past five years, the annual capital investment at Corden Pharma Colorado has exceeded $25 million.

Another significant expense for Corden Pharma Colorado is supplies. Most critically, this entails the raw materials for producing pharmaceutical products. In total, Corden Pharma Colorado purchased over $5.8 million of supplies in 2005. It is estimated that between $2 million and $4 million of these supplies came directly from Colorado companies.

Corden Pharma Colorado Tax Payments

2005 Total Economic Impact:
$61.7 Million

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With all of its capital investments, equipment purchases, supply orders and workforce expenses, Corden Pharma Colorado bears a significant tax load. In all, Corden Pharma Colorado paid over $4.7 million in 2005 state and local taxes.

Corden Pharma Colorado Charitable Activities

Corden Pharma Colorado is committed to serving as a model corporate citizen. Meeting this goal entails operating our facility safely and in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Further, Corden Pharma Colorado recognizes that it must make direct contributions toward helping to meet community needs. To this end, Corden Pharma Colorado employees contribute hundreds of work hours toward local philanthropic and education initiatives.

Corden Pharma Colorado also makes direct financial contributions to non-profit organizations and cultural institutions in our community. These contributions support such important human service agencies as United Way, with Corden Pharma Colorado matching one-for-one every dollar that our employees contribute during the annual United Way pledge campaign.

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