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Corden Pharma Colorado and the Boulder Community

Corden Pharma Colorado is a proud corporate citizen of Boulder, Colorado. The Boulder community provides Corden Pharma Colorado with, among other things, access to a highly talented workforce in beautiful surroundings.

It is only fitting that Corden Pharma Colorado business practices and civic endeavors should complement those qualities that make Boulder such a wonderful working environment.

Find out more about Boulder, Colorado here.

Corporate Citizenship

The following are some of the measures Corden Pharma Colorado has undertaken in an effort to uphold its obligations as a good corporate citizen:

Good Neighbor Pledge

In 1991 Corden Pharma signed the Good Neighbor Pledge and continues to abide by the committments of this pledge. The committments are:

  • Operate plant and facilities in a manner that protects the environment, our employees, and the community.
  • Make health, safety, and environmental considerations a planning priority. Find out more about our Environmental Efforts here.
  • Communicate openly with our neighbors and form a Community Advisory Panel. Find out more about the Corden Pharma Colorado Community Advisory Panel here.

Corden Pharma Colorado employees participating in United Way Day of Caring

Charitable Contributions

Corden Pharma Colorado annually contributes a great deal of financial and in-kind resources toward a variety of charitable causes in the Boulder community. In addition, Corden Pharma Colorado matches dollar for dollar the contributions of its employees toward the annual Boulder County United Way campaign. Corden Pharma Colorado also provides opportunities for its employees to invest work hours on community projects. This includes participation in the United Way Day of Caring campaign and an annual cleanup of Boulder Creek. Corden Pharma Colorado employees spend additional hours serving on a variety of civic boards and committees. Specific contribution information can be found here.

Corden Pharma Colorado Science Show

Educational Support

Corden Pharma Colorado has made substantial financial commitments to local education programs. This includes contributions toward chemistry and engineering scholarship programs, school capitol campaigns, and funding for a variety of scholastic initiatives. Corden Pharma Colorado also pledges to match the gifts its employees make to the educational institutions of their choosing, from elementary school through university level. Finally, Corden Pharma Colorado employees volunteer many hours toward the production of a popular children's science show.

Charitable Contributions

The following are examples of the many agencies and programs Corden Pharma Colorado supports through its charitable contributions:

Culture of Giving Program

Corden Pharma Colorado is proud to be a member of the Community Foundation Culture of Giving Program. Learn more about the program here.

Health Programs

Boulder County AIDS Project

Corden Pharma Colorado has made a significant financial commitment to the Boulder County AIDS Project in support of its efforts to provide comfort and assistance to those in our community who are living with the AIDS virus.

Women's Health

Corden Pharma Colorado provides financial assistance to Women's Health, helping them to meet their mission of providing quality gynecological health care services to the women of Boulder County.

Grillo Information Center

Corden Pharma Colorado provides grants toward meeting the technology needs of the Grillo Information Center, a resource for information on the treatment and care of individuals suffering from cancer and other serious illnesses.


Walk and Bike Week

Corden Pharma Colorado is a sponsor of Walk and Bike Week, the annual campaign by the City of Boulder to promote the use of alternative travel modes.

Eco Cycle

Corden Pharma Colorado supports Boulder's non-profit recycling agency with grants that will help the organization advance Zero Waste goals.

Thorne Ecological Center

Corden Pharma Colorado is a strong promoter of the environmental education services that the Throne Ecological Center offers through its programming.


Corden Pharma Colorado Regional Science Fair

Corden Pharma Colorado is the title sponsor of the Science Fair for Boulder Valley Schools. This annual event features tremendously high caliber scientific work from local middle and high school students. Sponsorship of the Science Fair is consistent with Corden Pharma Colorado's goal of preparing our youth to compete for the high technology jobs of the future. Learn more about the Corden Pharma Colorado Regional Science Fair here.

Impact on Education

Corden Pharma Colorado has supported Impact on Education in providing mini-grants to area schools for environmental education projects.

Civic / Community

Community Foundation

Corden Pharma Colorado makes a significant contribution toward the operation and administrative functions of the Community Foundation Serving Boulder County.

Community Action Programs

Corden Pharma Colorado supports the efforts of the Boulder County Community Action Programs to address multicultural issues and other concerns in the low income community through sponsorship of the annual Multi Cultural Awards Banquet.

Boulder County Civic Forum

Corden Pharma Colorado has actively supported the Boulder County Civic Forum and its production of the Community Indicators Report.

Intercambio de Comunidades

Corden Pharma Colorado supports the goals of multicultural connections and respect that Intercambio fosters through its English language instruction and cultural relations programs.


Corden Pharma Colorado provides financial support to the following Boulder County arts organizations and events:

Colorado Music Festival

Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra

Arts Alliance

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

Boulder Ballet

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