Corden Pharma

Our Environmental Policy Statement

Message from Jean Lund, President and CEO of Corden Pharma Colorado

As a member of the Boulder community, Corden Pharma Colorado is committed to operating in an environmentally sensitive manner. To this end, Corden Pharma Colorado works hard to prevent and minimize pollution, conserve resources, and promote environmental protection. We are proud of the many accomplishments we have made in these areas and our commitment to sustainable business practices.

Our Commitment
We the employees of Corden Pharma Colorado Corporation are dedicated to manufacturing high-quality products while striving to protect and enhance our natural environment, in accordance with the principles of sustainability, and hereby commit to:

  • Comply with all applicable environmental quality laws, regulations, and other requirements to which Corden Pharma Colorado subscribes in our procurement, research, manufacturing, waste management, and distribution activities;
  • Establish management systems that reflect our role as responsible stewards of the environment and incorporate the goal of continuous improvement of environmental quality into the fundamental business activities we undertake;
  • Routinely review our manufacturing operations for the purpose of making environmental quality improvements to minimize emissions and waste from the facility consistent with our obligations to our shareholders and our community;
  • Conduct regular, ongoing evaluation programs to assess our compliance with regulatory requirements and our progress toward achieving our goals relative to operating our facility and enhancing environmental quality;
  • Look beyond current legal requirements, to follow technological advancements and explore opportunities to develop technically sound programs that may be implemented to reduce impacts on our environment;
  • Keep all employees and the community informed about the potential environmental risks of our operations and the progress of our programs for minimizing those risks.

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