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Environmental Awards and Voluntary Programs


Partners for A Clean Environment (PACE) Certification

Corden Pharma Colorado became one of three manufacturing facilities in Boulder County to receive PACE certification in 2000. PACE certification recognizes companies that demonstrate management support for a company-wide pollution prevention program and the implementation of projects that have a quantifiable benefit to the environment. For example, Corden Pharma Colorado works with its suppliers on solvent formulations that enhance recycling opportunities.

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Environmental Leadership Recognition

Environmental Leadership certification recognizes companies that voluntarily perform above and beyond the existing mandated environmental regulations. Environmental Leaders, like Corden Pharma Colorado, must have a comprehensive and operational environmental management system and a pollution prevention plan that commits the company to a program of continuous environmental improvement. In its letter announcing the Environmental Leader certification, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment thanked Corden Pharma Colorado for the "effort and dedication" it brings to environmental issues. In 2003, Corden Pharma Colorado received the highest environmental honor that the State of Colorado bestows, the title of "Gold Level" Environmental Leader.

Green Chemistry Challenge

Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award

Corden Pharma Colorado received the 2000 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge award from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This award recognizes Corden Pharma Colorado's success in designing pharmaceutical production processes that incorporate the principles of Green Chemistry. In the specific process that was featured for the award, Corden Pharma Colorado's technical development scientists designed an alternative for the production of the antiviral agent, CytoveneŽ, that reduced solid and liquid waste by 89 percent and air emissions by 66 percent.

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Indian Country School Laboratory Hazard Consultation Program

The Indian Country School Laboratory Hazard Consultation Program was designed by the EPA to help schools identify and manage hazardous chemical risks in their laboratories and to share pollution prevention techniques that help avoid the use of chemicals. Corden Pharma Colorado has been actively engaged in this endeavor with the EPA, helping to design program procedures and conducting safety surveys and chemical inventories at a number of tribal schools. As a tribute to Corden Pharma Colorado's commitment to the School Laboratory Hazard Consultation Program, the company received the 2007 24-Karat Gold Challenge Award from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and five Corden Pharma Colorado employees received the 2005 Environmental Achievement Award from the EPA.


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