Corden Pharma

Work-Life Balance

"Inspired by the magnificent Rocky Mountains in our backyard, Corden Pharma Colorado encourages employees to find a healthy balance between their work and personal time."

— Debra Bowman, Director, Human Resources

Life at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains has shaped a culture in Boulder that emphasizes a healthy integration between hard work and personal fulfillment. This same spirit is alive at Corden Pharma Colorado.

On the job, Corden Pharma Colorado employees experience a truly unique environment, one that celebrates both the talents and cultural diversity of its workforce. Corden Pharma Colorado also is a place that encourages personal growth through educational programs and hands-on experience.

We have fun, too. Whether it is our penchant for toasting the achievement of corporate goals or individual career accomplishments, Corden Pharma Colorado never forgets to thank the people who are responsible for our success.

Beyond the workplace, Corden Pharma Colorado takes pride in the special advantages we offer our employees, who enjoy a generous benefit package tailored to their individual needs. Our commitment to a family friendly environment is expressed in everything from the traditional children's holiday parties to our compassionate leave policies. And then there is the unequaled quality of life in Boulder, a community where world-class cultural and recreational opportunities abound.

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