Corden Pharma

Synergy and Flexibility

"The synergistic relationship between the innovative work in our laboratories and the expert skills of our manufacturing teams allows us to quickly resolve technical challenges and to maximize production efficiency."


- Brad Dehoff, Director of Technical Development and Process Support


Creating medicines, like the engineering of a complex building, is half science, half art. Much as accomplished architects have full command of the functional and structural requirements of a building project, Corden Pharma Colorado's scientists bring their expertise in chemistry and their proficiency with the most advanced engineering techniques to bear in the design of new drug production processes. The final products of their labor are the blueprints for manufacturing pharmaceutical compounds that meet the highest standards for efficiency, quality, safety, and environmental sensitivity.

The true test of any design is how it translates into final production. At Corden Pharma Colorado, our manufacturing personnel are experts in the seamless transfer of technology from the laboratory to the real world of our high-volume production facilities. With technical skills acquired through 50 years of collaboration between our process development and manufacturing teams, Corden Pharma Colorado is the reliable production source for a wide array of complex active pharmaceutical ingredients and highly active compounds. Corden Pharma Colorado's unparalleled manufacturing skills are even more important today, as shifting market demands and medical advances require our resilient drug production teams to immediately adapt to fluctuating product streams.

Corden Pharma Colorado's position as a recognized leader in pharmaceutical research, development, and manufacturing is confirmed by such recent accolades as the United States Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award, the Colorado Bioscience Company of the Year Award, and the Boulder County IQ Award for innovation in the health products field.

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